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Torterra1324 has been working on a video comic version of Twilight's First Day, and the first video, covering the first five parts, has just been released! It features a talented voice cast, music and sound effects. Go and give it watch, and subscribe to Torterra1324's channel to encourage him to make more!

YouTube link
Comic - Twilight's First Day #24 by muffinshire
Comic - Twilight's First Day #24
Filly Twi is back!

Apologies for the long delay between parts, but with a wedding to organise I don't have huge amounts of free time right now. However, the story continues, and after the day she's had so far, it's understandable that little Twilight is getting a bit jumpy!


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At the start of this year I contributed to the Bronies For Good charity art anthology book Bound Together, a 56-page book featuring comics and art from some of the community's finest artists. My contribution was an 8-page comic called Twilight's First Dance (set in the same "continuity" as my ongoing Twilight's First Day series). The book has been sold from vendor stalls at various MLP conventions throughout Europe and North America, but Bronies For Good has now opened up online orders for the last few copies. All proceeds from the project go to the Against Malaria Foundation.

So get the book while stocks last - there will be no second printing, so this may be your last chance!

Order here!

Preview page of Twilight's First Dance

I thought I'd post a little update to keep my followers informed about the status of my comics, and Twilight's First Day in particular. I haven't stopped working on them, and I fully intend to continue the story, but a couple of weeks ago I did this...

2015-10-04 16.36 by muffinshire

...which means my life right now is chasing around looking at venues and going to wedding fairs and planning and designing and all that stuff, leaving very little time for drawing! So at least until next summer, when we plan to have the wedding, the already slow pace of my releases will probably be even slower. I promise I will still be working on Twilight's First Day in my free time even during the coming months, but I can make no promises about releases. So until after the wedding bells have rung, this is Muffinshire saying thank you for your continued patience.
Sneak Peek - TFD #24 work-in-progress by muffinshire
Sneak Peek - TFD #24 work-in-progress
Finding a sensible lab partner who won't accidentally blow you up is such a challenge sometimes...

I haven't disappeared, I promise! Twilight's First Day in continuing, and the next part is gradually coming together now, so here's the customary early sneak peek. The episode "Amending Fences" has provided so much fodder for the next few parts of the comic - I already planned to include Moondancer (as she appeared in the previous part and in Twilight's First Dance), so I'll be tying in my comic's story to the show's canon here.



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